STATE Curriculum

In order to provide an education most relevant to the age, the academic activity of the school is advised and pedagogic practices are regulated by a panel of subject-experts. The curricular design is based upon principles of wholesomeness in schooling, allowing for a variety of different academic choices in the senior years. The rigour of core academic areas is derived from standards and benchmarks prescribed by the State Board. Assignments are intended to ensure application of individual learning. CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) is followed systematically. Project work is designed for participative and contributive learning. Creative and musical abilities are nurtured co-curricularly.


Age appropriate learning, the highlight of the curricular structure designed for Kindergarten classes, is a blend of conventional and indigenous methods, working towards social and physical development in very young children. Development of concept-learning ability in children is nurtured in a friendly environment which ensures a smooth transition into primary school.

Primary School

The curriculum has laid out for these years aims at making a strong foundation in the core academic areas of languages, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science. Participation and presentation are emphasized upon in the design of our paedagogy for these classes, where sharing in every form is encouraged.

Middle School

A carefully planned curricular approach, integrating the intelligences is adopted in these years, as academic areas begin to diversify. The importance of developing social and environmental consciousness is regarded closely in our methodology for these years.

High School

Core academic areas receive great thrust as we believe that the objective of any academic programme is to prepare students for the variety of choice which higher and specialized fields offer. The intensity of continued academic work during these pivotal years of adolescent life is thoughtfully counter balanced by enriching pursuits of expression and creativity or sport.


CLASSI LangII LangIII LangCore Subjects
I – IIEnglishKannadaMaths, Science, Social
III – VIIEnglishKannadaHindiMaths, Science, Social
VII – IXEnglish/SanskritKannada/EnglishHindi/KannadaMaths, Science, Social

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