CBSE Curriculum

The curriculum is the Prime Objective of the school. The medium of instruction is English. The general course of studies from Class I to XII adheres to the syllabi and instructional material formulated by the CBSE and National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Having an exemplary performance in the CBSE results in secondary and senior secondary levels, the school has stepped into yet another milestone of the academic year to bring more laurels in learning and co-curricular areas. Admissions are now open in all classes. In order to offer high-quality education, the school has appointed highly experienced and qualified teachers, improved the existing facilities of the science laboratories, computer Labs, library stacking with enormous books, and enhanced other functional areas, providing the best of international education at BIA. In the classroom, a lot of interaction takes place through discussions, seminars, presentations, mini-research, and project work.


Class Strength & Teacher-student ratio is unique feature of BIA that makes the institution very distinct and special. Hence parents prefer their wards to study in BIA. Every class has the strength of 18 to 24 students per teacher to increase the attention level from the teacher side and enhance the concentration level from the student side.

Curriculum for classes I – II

An integrated curriculum with emphasis on subjects is followed.

Curriculum for classes III – IV

Subjects taught are:

Curriculum for classes V – VIII

Subjects taught are:

Curriculum for classes IX – X

Subjects taught are :

Curriculum for classes XI-XII

Subjects taught are:

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