Safety & Security System

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers of ISI hallmark of adequate capacity and number have been placed in eye-catching prominent spots in the school building. Also the school has installed, a sufficient number of metal buckets filled with sand and water tank and connectivity is made in these spots.

Fire Fighting Training

Fire fighting training to all school staff and students from 6th to 12th standard is imparted. They are also trained in providing emergency first aid treatment. Training to handle fire safety equipments, emergency evacuation and protection in the event of fire and any other emergency would be arranged to be imparted through the Fire & Emergency Wing or any other agency as decided by the District Education Committee.

Mock Drills

Mock drills are conducted regularly with the fire alarms at all the venues of the infrastructure and science laboratories.

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits with all the essential medicines are kept in the school to meet out any eventuality. A list of items is kept in the First Aid Kit is appended herewith as ‘A’.

Nursing Staff on Campus

In addition the school has a fulltime Nurse on rolls to address the health concern and take care of the health needs of the students.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Emergency telephone numbers and list of persons to be contacted in case of any eventuality is displayed on the notice board and other prominent places in the school premises.

Emergency Response Mock Drills

Emergency Response Mock Drills will be conducted at regular intervals to train the students and school staff.

CC Cameras and CCTV surveillance

The school premises are totally equipped with CC Cameras and CCTV surveillance with a strict vigilance system all over the campus.

GPS Location System

All the buses are equipped with the GPS location system. Each school bus is provided with a lady attender staff to monitor and escort the students to and fro the home / school.

Awareness Programmes

Awareness Programmes and sessions are conducted formally and informally during the classes and on the stage during the assembly and brain storming sessions are conducted during the address in the assembly.

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