Principals' Message

At the outset I congratulate the esteemed parents for admitting their children in our school BIGI. Being a BIGIte is a feeling of a global standard citizen. “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education” says Martin Luther King Jr. This is what we aim at BIA Jayanagar. We create in BIA a mini-world of learning possibilities and growing opportunities with the best of educational infrastructure and a lively learning environment that provides various platforms to the students to discover and explore their hidden talents and potentialities. Besides teaching, teachers also train every student in life skills to become the best all-rounder a Vishwa Manava-the Universal Man as visualised by great Poet Kuvempu through the ongoing process of holistic personality development.

“The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil” says Ralph Waldo Emerson. Therefore our quest is constantly aimed at developing every student to be intellectually nurtured, academically strong, mentally agile, physically healthy, ethically responsible, socially concerned; environmentally sensitized, emotionally balanced; culturally rich; spiritually humanistic and equipped with moral values. I strongly believe that every student is a new universe to learn from. Students are our purpose and the inspiration. The presence of students can make everyone younger. We mould our students to become visionaries to contribute to make India a Superpower. In our constant endeavour we assure that no stone will be left unturned towards achieving this. The pursuit is long, we need the support from everyone to reach the summit, hence I conclude in Frost’s words “I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

Dr. Arokia Raj P

MA., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., B.Ph., DPPTWR.
Principal & Campus Director Bangalore International Academy.

Principals' Profile

With his vast 28 years of teaching experience at various capacities, Dr. AROKIA RAJ P the young, energetic and dynamic Principal of the school has been an expertise in teaching and administration. Having established Sainik School under Ministry of Defence, as a founder member and also having taught thousands of students across decades, his contribution to the education world is indeed tremendous and splendid. He has worked together with the Brigadiers, Commodore and Air Marshals. His exposure with the international students and travel with the students across the nation and the globe has benefited hundreds of students in outdoor learning and global learning.

His love and passion for teaching and his student centered teaching approach with an ever loving and cheerful style in his classroom as well as his interaction with his students has fetched a cliché for him as he is fondly called as the favorite Principal. He is remembered for his meticulous planning, acumen and complete involvement in his service to the students, teachers and parents of the school. His classroom rapport connects well with his administrative skills exhibiting the leadership qualities on day today interactions. He feels that as a teacher he learns more from the students as student learns from the teacher.

His vision is to lead the students with consistent perseverance, to discover the student’s inner mettle and caliber and bring the best potential from the student; to direct the students with best enduring leadership skills; to train the students to become visionaries and best leaders/citizens of the society attaining self discipline, moral and spiritual integration. He in his own words says “To make an ocean every drop counts, to make a mighty nation every student counts.”

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