Rtn Dr. D. Muniraju

Founder Chairman & Managing Director, BIGI Group

RTN Dr. D. Muniraju, Chairman of BIA Jayanagar, envisions an education system that nurtures young minds while shaping society’s future. He emphasizes values alongside academic excellence, blending contemporary practices with traditional values to guide students in making informed career choices. Dr. Muniraju advocates for experiential learning and interaction, leveraging technology while preserving the essence of holistic education. Under his leadership, BIA Jayanagar embodies his vision, providing balanced urban education that prepares students for success and a life enriched with values.

Mrs. Vijaya Muniraju

President, BIGI Group

Mrs. Vijaya Muniraju, President of BIGI, envisions education as a beacon of hope, nurturing each student’s potential for a bright future. She emphasizes curiosity and lifelong learning, fostering an environment of support and inspiration. With a focus on holistic development and values, Mrs. Muniraju prepares students to navigate the complexities of the modern world. Her vision for BIGI extends beyond academic success, aiming to empower compassionate leaders who shape a better future.

Dr. Abraham Ebenezer

Academic Advisor, BIA Jayanagar

Our Academic Advisor Dr. Abraham Ebenezer is an acclaimed educationist with over 4 decades of experience. He has served as a Principal for Bishop Cotton School, Bangalore, and DPS International. He has received several awards in India and abroad for his outstanding contribution to education. Dr. Ebenezer spearheads the academic department as well as its Parent Teacher Association.

Mr. Karthik Muniraju

Hon’ Secretary BIA Jayanagar (BIGI Group)

Mr. Karthik Muniraju, Honorary Secretary of BIA, envisions a school empowering students to be achievers and catalysts for positive change. Under his leadership, BIA fosters a culture of excellence, encouraging students to pursue their passions with determination and embrace challenges for growth. Beyond academic success, Mr. Muniraju prioritizes holistic development, aiming to instill life skills, values, and social responsibility. Through his role, he ensures a nurturing environment where every student feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential, fostering compassionate leaders for a better world.

Mr. B C Sanjeeva Reddy

Hon’ Secretary BIA-Whitefield

Mr. B C Sanjeeva Reddy, Honorary Secretary of BIA-Whitefield, envisions the school as a gateway to every child’s dreams. Under his leadership, BIA-Whitefield fosters a dynamic learning community promoting exploration, excellence, and innovation. Beyond academics, Mr. Reddy emphasizes character building, critical thinking, and social responsibility for holistic development. Dedicated to recognizing and nurturing each child’s talents, his vision cultivates confident, compassionate leaders for a better world.

Our 95 highly enthusiastic, experienced and qualified faculty work closely together, right from the Montessori / Kindergarten level to the Secondary and Senior Secondary classes. An additional team of over 17 service staff members ensures superior facility management and assistance to the children. We build an out-of-the-box thinking approach in our children. We make them apply creative and deductive skills to tasks in every field, be it academics, sports, drama or art. Keeping a global overview in mind, we constantly review and widen paradigms on academic content, contexts, goals and expectations in education.

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