Bangalore International Group of Institution is focused on creating a generation of confident youth through holistic education, who would be ever ready to face the challenges of the world. By providing them the right exposure, value-based education and a learning-by-doing approach; we try to instil the most important values like honesty, trust, tolerance and above all compassion for each other; thereby aiming to create better human beings who would become an asset to this society. And we believe Education is the right enabler to achieve all of this.


The curriculum is so designed that the children find them interesting and are not burdened with heavy school bags or homework. At the primary school level, ....

Bangalore International Academy NSVK is one of the sought after premier Institutions in South Bangalore.We made our presence in 1977 with initial name NSVK Holy Mother ....

Bangalore International High is a distinct school when it comes to moulding the children and their future. We understand and believe that the world is very competitive to face all the challenges

Shining Stars is our initiative to groom the kids right from very young age. In this modern day when the demands are very high and the expectations heavy



your academic senses

We encourage activities based around academia to further broaden our student's horizons and to implement an interactive take on their subjects.


into your passionate side

It’s not all about books. We tap into our student's artistic side with variety programs that are designed to unleash their inherent potentials.


Deeksha Chawla

Class 12 'A'

I have met lots of new, like-minded people during my time at school, and I have been inspired by the subjects I have studied. I've been very lucky to have been taught by teachers who are passionate about their subjects and who have transferred that passion onto their students. All my teachers have been unbelievably helpful . The satisfaction and euphoria that accompany the successful completion of my journey at the school would have been incomplete without my teacher's support . I consider it a privilege to express my gratitude towards the school for providing me with productive apparatus and facilities that have encouraged me all through.



The establishment is invested in their mental and physical well-being. My child thrives amidst some of the most amazing minds in Bangalore. His excitement towards education has grown tenfold after enroling at Bangalore International Academy. The care and consideration that the faculty puts into each and every student is evident. I have no qualms about my son’s future. His enormous positivity before and after classes is enough to illustrate how much his school means to him and how much he means to the school.

Sanjana joshi

Class 8 'A'
National Science Olympiad winner

Bangalore International Academy sets the momentum for imagining, probing, rethinking, questioning the existing and finding answers to the alluring mysteries surrounding us in many different ways. B.I.A equips children with an encouraging atmosphere to excel in every domain with special emphasis on science and reasoning by providing state-of-the-art facilities and erudite teachers who truly believe in realising our dreams through the practice of “Knowledge is Power”.