Holistic Development

Art classes, competitive sports team, creative writing, hands on learning Sciences and Robotics, to Guitar and Keyboard classes.

Early Years

Our revolutionary teaching methods induce traditional methods to modern techniques in the formative years of learning.

State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is designed to support and uplift every student’s goal and ambition. Well- equipped labs, Air-conditioned Seminar Hall, expert guides and a comprehensive library, are amenities on campus, to name a few.


BIGI Facilitators consist of highly motivated and caring teachers who arouse student’s curiosity, quench their thirst of knowledge, and give your children personal attention, advice and support. Having professional experience of several years, they are highly qualified to teach classes in their respective disciplines and ensure innovative teaching and highest academic standards at BIGI.

Community Activities

BIGI believes in nurturing responsible Global citizens, encourages and facilitates them to be a part of community service activities. This helps students to empathize with other members of the community and respect them.

A BIGI Family

We believe in providing a strong community where parents, teachers and children collaborate in learning-focused relationships. We have an open door policy that encourages regular communication between Parents and Teachers.

Creative Learning

We have a strong Creative Learning and Performing Arts curriculum (arts, craft, drama & dance, music, debate, public speaking and more) which enhances the creative thinking, personal and social development, and confidence of every child.

Delivering Excellence in Teaching

We were awarded the International School Award by British Council twice, which cements our commitment to delivering outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for our students.

Parent App

BIGI provides user friendly application that gives the parents complete access to the activities of their wards.  This helps the parents track their wards academic performance, attendance, conveyance, circulars, home works etc.

Active Competition Calender

With the firm belief that every child has latent talent which has to be unearthed and nurtured by the teachers and parents. At BIGI, we encourage Competitive Exams like Spell Bee and Olympiads.Introduction of Cambridge Assessment also provides a path in improving the Language skills of the students.Regular in-house competitions both inter-class and inter-house in debate, elocution, recitation, and quiz are held to provide ample opportunities for the children.

Beyond The Benches

BIGI truly believes that to develop self-confidence and self-esteem in the children and make them ready to take on the world, extra-curricular activities have to be encouraged and every child must be motivated to participate in them. Club activities are encouraged and every child has to opt for one area of specialization. A wide spectrum of activities ranging from Yoga, Chess, Quiz, Public Speaking, Instrumental music, Dance, and several others are offered.


Sports as a whole gives an opportunity to experience a wide range of specialized activities.

Outdoor Sports activities include Cricket, Basketball, Football, Netball, Throw ball and Athletics.

Indoor Sports activities include Chess, Table tennis, Badminton

While children are gaining expertise in these activities, they develop confidence and competence in performing skills individually as part of a group and, where appropriate to an audience.

Aquatic Edge

Every child has an inherent ability to become a great swimmer. To bring out this ability we have separate pools for both junior and senior students that are ozonated (chlorine free), thermostatic (temperature controlled), hygienic, beautiful and designed keeping in mind all necessary safety measures. Our specially trained coaches are instrumental in the achievements of our students.