Bangalore International Academy
NSVK (State)


Curriculum and Academic Structure

Professionally qualified and well experienced teachers are the back bone of BIA. An enthusiastic and professional body of faculty ensures that excellence is promoted in all aspects of school life. Conducive atmosphere have been created for the teachers where they can work with a clear mind.Seminars, workshops and orientation programmes are conducted regularly to enhance their teaching skills.

Ms. Syeda Zahara Nuzrat - Coordinator

English Dept. kannada Dept. Hindi Dept. sanskrit Dept.
Ms.Subhapradha Mr. Srinivas Reddy Ms. Syeda Nusrat Mr.Girish T. B
Ms.Ashwini Mr. Harish K.G. Ms. Suma Shivanand
Ms.Shanthi R Ms.Prabhavathi Ms. Neeta K
Maths Dept. Science Dept. Social Science Dept. PE/Swimming Dept.
Ms. Sadhana P Ms. Sadhana P Principal Ms. Geetha Nagesh Ms. Sujatha
Ms. Uma Devi Ms. Prabha Ms. Suma Shivanand Mr. Tammaiah
Ms. Dimple Ms. Radhika Ms. Shymala G Mr. Pavithran
Ms. Vinisha G V Ms. Sowmya Chethan Mr. Amit
Mr. Aniket
I.T Dept. Librarian Art & Music Dept.
Ms.Dimple Ms. Blessy Thabitha Mr.Chandra Mohan(Fine Arts)
Ms.Vinisha Mr. Rajendra Bende(Vocal/Keyboard)
Mr. Madhusudan(Tabala))
Mr. Dinesh (Guitar)
Mr. Karthik Iyer(Dance)

Subjects offered

Class I Lang II Lang III Lang Core-Subjects
I-II English Kannada - Maths, Science, Social
III-VII English Kannada Hindi Maths, Science, Social
VIII- IX English/sanskrit Kannada/English Hindi/Kannada Maths, Science, Social