Shining Stars (Preprimary)

Principal's Profile

Ms. Nalini Narayan
MA, M.Ed., Trained counsellor
Bangalore International High (ICSE)

Mrs. Nalini Narayan, the principal of Bangalore International High (ICSE and Shining Stars- Preprimary) is an eminent persona who started off her noble career with a belief that she could have a profound impact on the lives of children.

When she started her career as a lecturer for Logic and Sociology in 1997, she was inclined towards counselling the students with respect to peer pressure, positive challenge and study skills and strategies.

Her interest took her to enrol into Counselling Diploma under the leadership of Ajit Buoyancee. This helped her widen her thinking arena, thus persuading her into solving and helping the students with a different perspective and to give them a helping shoulder and a patient ear just what they always needed.

Noted for her Leadership and efficient management ability she is always appreciated for appropriate and exact delegation of responsibilities to staffs. Today she finds a huge success in empowering and inspiring the teaching staff, for she strongly believed that as educators, we touch the future each day we work with children.

She has attended the ‘Head Lamp’- Head’s leadership and management programme, an initiative training programme, certified by Teacher’s Foundation and Times Foundation, which is considered a very useful tool for the heads, to focus on critical functions and skills of the school, with its main focus on principled leadership, principled communication, leading learning, people and process and inside-out marketing.

She works for ESOL [English for speakers of other languages] and is a certified oral examiner for various English speaking examinations like YLE[S], YLE[M], PET and KET of University of Cambridge, U.K

She has conducted many workshops and lecture sessions which include:

  • Workshop on Classroom management for teachers at ‘BASE’.
  • Lecture on positive attitude at Rotary Club Bangalore.
  • Counseling sessions on career guidance at APSPS Bangalore.
  • Counseling sessions on De-stressing the students from exam tension, at Kumaraswamy Vidya Mandir.
  • Workshop about blueprint using Tally method for the primary and secondary teachers to prepare question papers as per instructional objectives.

She also works with an NGO ‘Akansha’ to help the slum dwellers and dropout children by making them understand the basic values required to be a complete human being and help them learn, by training them to read and write and support their parents.

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