Shining Stars (Preprimary)


“Shining Stars” has a well researched and scientifically developed preprimary curriculum that focuses on holistic development of every child through play activities & collaborative group work.

The preprimary curriculum aims at providing tinytots with a solid academic foundation by implementing a multi-sensory integrated approach to education.

Shining stars has been at the forefront of bringing innovative Montessori materials in the early child care.

CURRICULUM objectives

  • To enable, energise & enhance childhood by fostering complete growth of mind, body & spirit.

  • Use sequential learning techniques to ensure overall development of every child across skill areas.

  • To ensure that children receive attention to their physical, mental & emotional needs.

  • To focus on seven keys development.

    • Fine motor skills

    • Gross motor skills

    • Language development

    • Personal awareness

    • Socio-emotional development

    • Nurturing individual potential

    • Socio-emotional development

    • Cognitive development

  • It helps in understanding how preprimary age children develop & differ from one another in their growth patterns.. Every child is unique & develop at his/her own pace.

  • Its main objective is selecting the best appropriate programs and theme based activities for tiny tots.

  • Field trips will be organised every month as per the theme keeping in view the practical education as the best means of imparting knowledge to the children.

  • Subjects taught through pre-reading, pre-writing carefully designed to enhance learning.

  • All- round integrated development with adequate to each and every domain.

  • Development of good physique with adequate muscular coordination and kinesthetic skills.

  • Encouraging aesthetic stimulating intellectual curiosity, helping students to understand the world they live and to foster interest to explore, investigate and experiment.

  • Improving communication skills by developing the children’s ability to express their thoughts and feeling through fluent, correct and clear speech.

  • Phonotics, sight words, circle time, activities based on Montessori materials helps the student to develop interest in daily life skills, gross motor & sensorial activities.

  • E-library equipped with all the digit instruction helps the students to develop problem solving & decision making using the electronic gadgets.. it infuses interest on concepts.

  • Edu sports plays on important role helping the tinytots to enjoy play for proper fine motor development eye-hand co-ordination and balancing skills.. Physical education teachers plan various activities to involve all the students to enjoy and play to learn.

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